Wednesday, 16 April 2014

term 1 Reflection

What was your best moment in term one?
My best moment in term 1 was swimming because it was nice and cold when it was hot.

What was the most important thing you learnt?
The most important thing  i  learnt was using your wits because i always use to get angry.

What subject do you do the best in this term and why?
i was good at maths and  it can make you clever.

What subject did you not do so well in and why?
i was not so good at inquiry  because
it is hard and but it is very cool

Did I manage my time wisely this term? How? e.g. finishing most tasks, working independently. i did finish everything  because i wasn't good at everything.

What can I do differently next term to improve? Why?
i will do a lot more work i do not want to stay inside  because  that will be boring    

Give yourself smiley faces out of 10 to show how well you have done this term:


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