Friday, 16 May 2014

My Bio Poem

Is friendly,nice, and careful.
He likes playing games on his  PS3 and  likes soccer.
Who is the son of Dayna and John.
He is scared of lizards ,spiders, and pigs.
He is always finshing maths, reading and writing in class
He lives in Kaikohe.

Who thinks Tuna is cool and rocks.


  1. Hi Joshua I like to play soccer to.I think your writing is sooo cool.It would be helpful if you changed your writing black.

    1. Hare, great comment! I love that you have said something; kind, thoughtful and helpful! Well done Hare. Joshua, great poem! I am scared of spiders too! They are freaky! Remember, you didn't need to put the 'hes', you could just write "is scared of lizards, spiders and pigs. But I complete agree with you that Tuna is cool and rocks!! We are the best!