Monday, 28 July 2014

the witch

Kristy was walking through the forest she saw an Apple under the bush, it was blue so she ate it. Suddenly she turned into an ugly witch, with long black hair, big black cloak and a green bubbly face she freaked out and screamed “nooooo”. The next day she found some mushrooms, they were brown and white so she ate them, The Mushrooms must have been magical because next kristy turned back into a girl, where she had her golden hair, her colourful jeans, her green spotty top and her black leather jacket? and she felt ecstatic  

Friday, 25 July 2014

today me and hone were doing this colouring" and we were doing this so you can do it to I think we done great colouring" I think next time we should take more detail away and I done the best work.  

Thursday, 3 July 2014

show don't tell

Today In writing I done this story about hiding. We had to show that were were hiding without telling that we were.

WALT - describe hiding without telling the audience we are.

When I was hiding I saw footsteps” and I heard big stomps
I got nervous as they were getting closer and closer I was shocked and I was hungry I was panicking then suddenly there was a shadow it was black so I tried to be still like a Gray  statue and my tummy was getting butterflies and. I was  saying quietly to myself please don’t find me I peeked through   the hole and. I heard a scream as someone got found then I saw a black person steering right at me I was afraid that I will get found then the shadow was walking right at me suddenly I got found then I got a big shock I yelled because I didn't want to be in.