Thursday, 3 July 2014

show don't tell

Today In writing I done this story about hiding. We had to show that were were hiding without telling that we were.

WALT - describe hiding without telling the audience we are.

When I was hiding I saw footsteps” and I heard big stomps
I got nervous as they were getting closer and closer I was shocked and I was hungry I was panicking then suddenly there was a shadow it was black so I tried to be still like a Gray  statue and my tummy was getting butterflies and. I was  saying quietly to myself please don’t find me I peeked through   the hole and. I heard a scream as someone got found then I saw a black person steering right at me I was afraid that I will get found then the shadow was walking right at me suddenly I got found then I got a big shock I yelled because I didn't want to be in.  

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