Wednesday, 13 August 2014

show don't tell

13 of august
WALT show don’t tell to build the efferents in our head
once upon a time there was a man his name was bob Marley he could break anything with his big hands. and his sharp claws could break poles sticks and tables. his hands can stick to anything.

his her is very long it could touch his toes.when ever he shakes his her it could change colours like blue and red.  

Friday, 1 August 2014

A few days ago we learnt how to show not tell our emotion with Miss Smith, we also looked at using third person, How do you think I went?

I will begin by describing what the characters body felt like.
I will describe what they were thinking
I will leave the audience hanging

His mouth was dry. he felt like his heart was going to blast, out. and he bite all of his fingernails off. and his head and his hands were shaking.
and he nearly died. he was quietly running, around. and his teeth were chattering. then he saw a big black shadow walk past. then he heard  banging like a giant was coming for him. then he heard the laugh like a clown and he was shivering.